Skilanglauf - Léderrey


Very sunny track which starts in front of the Eurotel Victoria. Track prepared for classic and skating cross country skiing.

The first half of the track takes the same way as the Tour des Isles.

The first part of the track passes through "Les Isles" route. You will then take the trail on the right side and follow it accross the forest. After a small climb, it crosses a small road (chemin du Jorat) and enters the forest. You cross a small bridge over a pretty snow-covered stream. At the exit of the forest, you turn directly to the left and join the bridge between the paths of Lederrey de Creux de Champ. Cross the bridge and continue the itinerary which goes to the right into the forest and which runs along part of the vita trail. After completing the loop, you return to the same bridge, then cross a small road and ski a few metres through the forest to find the second part of the original route of "les Isles". Complete the route to the start of the Eurotel Victoria.

Praktische Informationen

TIME : can vary greatly depending on the discipline (classic or skating), snow conditions and the physical condition of each person.
Dogs and walkers are not allowed onto cross-country ski pistes.

PARKING : Free parking places available at the Eurotel Victoria.


Skilanglauf - Les Diablerets (application/pdf)

Technische Daten

2.5 km
30 - 45 Min.
Positiver Höhenunterschied
93 Meter
Negativer Höhenunterschied
93 Meter


Langlauf in der Region Villars-Gryon-les Diablerets-Bex

Langlauf in der Region Villars-Gryon-les Diablerets-Bex

Inmitten der Waadtländer Alpen bauen Villars, Gryon und Les Diablerets ihr Loipennetz für alle weiter aus!

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