Barboleuse Grande Salle

Functions facility in Barboleuse equipped with stage, kitchens and ‘carnotzet’

Hall capacity approx. 250 people seated, tables and chairs; ‘carnotzet’ capacity approx. 50 people.

Professional kitchen, table services etc.


Grande Salle de Gryon - Barboleuse
Route de Villars 41
1882 Gryon


Commune de Gryon
Rue du Village 1
1882 Gryon

Tel : +41 24 498 00 30


Carnotzet (including table services) Gryon residents
CHF 150.-
Carnotzet (including table services) not resident
CHF 180.-
Grande Salle (incl. tables and chairs) Gryon residents
CHF 330.-
Grande Salle (incl. tables and chairs) not residents
CHF 500.-
For extra table services
CHF 60.-
For extra glassware
CHF 40.-
Sports activities (minimum CHF 120.-), rate per hour
CHF 20.-

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