Mountains and mines

A journey from the mountains to the salt mines, a typical geological feature of the region.

From the centre of the resort, take the small road towards the skating rink. When you get to the rink, take a left and walk towards Chesières. Just after crossing the bridge over the river, take the path to the left. Once you get out of the forest, cross the main road and after 5m, take the road and then the path to the left which leads to "Coleux" and the Chesières cemetery.

When you get to Les Combes d'en Haut, follow the direction of the river. When you get to the bridge, cross it and follow the path to the right. When you get to the lower bridge, take a right and join the path to the left after 100 m, which brings you to the village of Pallueyres. Walk through the village, back to the river. After a short climb of 50 m, there’s a path on the left to another lane that winds down to the Bex salt mines.

Just behind the Le Bouillet restaurant, a path leads you to Bévieux through forest and vines.
Make a visit to the Bex Salt Mines as you pass through.

Practical information

Distance: 9.8km
Time: 2 hr 30
Difficulty: moderate
Parking: place du Rendez-Vous (bottom of the Roc d'Orsay gondola).

Return to Villars on the train from Bevieux station.

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