Le Bitter des Diablerets

The aperitif made from alpine herbs, originating from French-speaking Switzerland.

Le Bitter des Diablerets, a local product which is the only aperitif originating from French-speaking Switzerland, can be traced back to Aigle, where it was invented by François Leyvraz in 1876. The recipe for the drink was apparently provided by a mysterious Dutch traveller...Or was it the Devil himself? A natural Alpine herbal freshness, a dash of sweetness and bitter flavours, Le Bitter des Diablerets has been much valued for its digestive and curative properties. The brand reached a peak of popularity in the fifties and became a constituent in the recipe for the famous confection “Bouchon vaudois”. Le Bitter des Diablerets has seen a rejuvenation in recent years with the return to grace of bitters in general, and has become a popular drink in ski resorts.

Le Bitter des Diablerets is drunk neat, on the rocks or with mineral water. It also has the fiendish quality of going together well with various soft drinks to produce original tasting concoctions. And then in 1980, with the advent of freestyle winter sports the snowboarders adopted Bitter des Diablerets and created a cocktail called “Surf”, which is sold in many bars.

Source: http://bitterdiablerets.ch


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