A treasure hunt – or “geocaching” – allows the seekers to learn more about the history of the Chablais. Working their way from cache to cache, participants have to solve riddles and demonstrate their power of observation.

9 “treasure” caches are hidden on the territory of Bex, Massongex and Ollon to illustrate how the landscape has evolved over time. To this end, elements of the project "Geotopes of the Chablais", launched by the Bex tourist agency in 2014, have been added.

To take part in this treasure hunt, you need to download the app at and create an account.
When you open the app, the caches near you will be displayed. Our caches are called ‘Sur les traces du glacier du Rhône’ (Tracing the Rhone Glacier). The GPS of your phone will lead you to the cache location, and then it’s up to you to find the “treasure”. This could be a small box, a fake rock or a fake spider where the log book along with a short message or a gadget is hidden. The caches are scattered over the communities of Bex (5), Ollon (2) and Villars (1). In Bex, they are located on the hills of Montet and Chiètres as well as towards the airfield, les Mûriers and the glacial pothole.


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