La Brasserie des Diablerets

The Brasserie des Diablerets was established in 2016 and makes craft beers.

The Brasserie des Diablerets was opened in 2016 and rapidly became popular with a large number of local customers. Offering craft beers brewed in small quantities in the village, this brewery uses organic products from the Vaud region for its production. Approximately 1500 bottles are produced every month for various points of sale in Les Diablerets and the surrounding area.

Practical information

These beers are sold at Guichet du Terroir, Tea Room “Le Muguet”, Lac Retaud, Restaurant Botta, la Potinière and Relais de Vuargny.
On request, it’s possible to buy crates of beer for events.


La Brasserie des Diablerets
Chemin du Plan 33
1865 Les Diablerets

Mobile: +41 78 675 95 01

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