Sled dogs - Glacier 3000

At Glacier 3000, enthusiastic huskies pierce the tranquility of this spectacular snowy landscape. Original, romantic and simply memorable, rides on a sled drawn by these exceptional animals are available all year round. Live this unique experience with Swiss Mushing Company.

Reached by cable car from Col du Pillon, Glacier 3000 is the high point of the Lake Geneva Region. As the name of this resort suggests, the Les Diablerets glacier sits at an altitude of 3000 m, offering unique views over the highest mountains of the Alps.

In this vast expanse of eternal snow, huskies find the exact conditions of the region they call home and dash enthusiastically along the icy trails to the great delight of their passengers comfortably ensconced on their sleds.

Whether they’re animal lovers, enjoy unspoilt nature or are simply looking for a unique adventure, visitors to Glacier 3000 come away with unforgettable memories of this extraordinary experience.

Available all year round, sled dog trips are available for groups and events, by reservation.

Practical information

Contact for groups:

Contact for individual client:
From Novembrer (according to weather conditions), you can enjoy a sled dog ride at Glacier3000 without any booking.
For any other day, please contact :
Cyril Héritier / Charlotte Marcelino
+41 79 900 11 46


Glacier 3000
Route du Pillon 253
1865 Les Diablerets

Tel : +41 (0)24 492 33 77