Snowpark - Glacier 3000

Open from October, the Glacier 3000 snowpark is the place to be for thrill-seeking Freestylers. Here, a team of professionals prepare top class rails and jumps for pro-riders, and beginners.

At 3,000 m, the high point of the Lake Geneva Region guarantees the best snow conditions from October on. No surprise then that skiers and snowboarders flock to Glacier 3000 to enjoy the rails and other features of its spectacular snowpark.

Here, the unique landscape of the Les Diablerets glacier offers beginners and seasoned riders a perfect terrain to practice their amazing tricks, thanks to Arnaud Kugener, shaper extraordinaire, who prepares the line rails, ranks, kicker jumps and flat tubes in this snowpark. Beginners cut their teeth on the boxes and the 4 kickers, while seasoned riders practice on the 4 rails and 4 kickers (8 m, 11 m, 14 m and 16 m).

Glacier 3000 is connected to Col du Pillon, in Les Diablerets, by cable cars that run every day. The resort offers many other activities in addition to skiing and snowboarding, like the Peak Walk, a unique bridge suspended between two peaks.

Practical information

Opening on 3 November, subject to weather conditions

Access from Les Diablerets or Gstaad by car. Large free car park at the Col du Pillon.

Access by public transport, post bus between Les Diablerets and Gstaad via the Col du Pillon.


Glacier 3000
Route du Pillon 253
1865 Les Diablerets

Tel : +41 (0)24 492 33 77