Le Grainier

Les Jardins du Grainier in Bex is an organic and biodynamic farm dedicated to an agriculture which respect the rnvironement as well as the nature prioritizing the Biodiversity and preservation of both animal and vegetal varieties.

There you can find an extraordinary garden "Le Jardin de la Biodivesité" with more than 1500 edible plants that you can taste all along the seasons, vegetable gardens cultivated along permaculture principles where you can pick fresh vegetables, greenhouses producing seedlings of ancient as well as unkbown vegetables, flowers and aromatic herbs with subtile and fantastic perfumes as well as a Boutique where you can find everything you need for an ecological gardening and permaculture.

Lessons, courses, events, come visit us alone or with a group, all your senses will definitely say "thank you" !

Practical information

The "Jardin de la Biodiversité" is open from May 1st to October 31st, Tuesday to Sunday from 9am to 4pm.


Le Grainier Sarl
Route des Mines de sel 13
1880 Bex

Tel : +41 24 555 10 00
Mobile: +41 76 563 96 03

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