Bike charging points

To recharge your e-bikes, a network of charging points allows you to travel around the Villars-Gryon-Les Diablerets region.

On the Villars area:
- 1 charging point on the Market Square (opposite the station)
- 1 charging point at the top of Roc d'Orsay cablecar
- 1 charging point at the Maison de Montagne de Bretaye
- 1 charging point on the Place de Bretaye
- 1 charging point at the Alpage du Col de la Croix (only during the period when the alp is open)
- 1 terminal at the Tennis Sports Center in Rochegrise
- 1 charging point at the Villars Sports Centre (Ice skating rink)

On Ollon area
- 1 charging point in Ollon, near the "Hôtel de Ville"
- 1 charging point in "Etang du Duzillet"

On the Diablerets area:
- 1 charging point at the Guichet du Terroir (train station)

On the Gryon area:
- 3 plugs at disposal at the "buvette" of Frience (to be used with your own charger)
- 1 charging point at Solalex (near the refuge) SOON AVAILABLE and Swiss Tools for bike repair available

Practical information

A series of cables for batteries of different brands are available on site (for the majority of charging points).

The use of these charging points is free of charge for the user.

It is also possible to connect one's own charger to a conventional outlet.


List of compatible chargers (application/pdf)


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