Go on an adventure and discover the old galleries and enjoy the captivating stories of our experienced guides!

Explore galleries and stairs carved by hand.
Away from our standard tours visit the often narrow, sometimes low passageways; some routes involve walking over ramps and rubble. Be adventurous and discover the old galleries and enjoy the captivating narratives of our experienced guides!

TrekkMines tours are nothing like pot holing. They are essentially tours through galleries and hand-carved staircases. Although this activity does not entail any specific danger, some basic precautions should be taken.

The different tours :
The three Trekkmine tours start at the Bouillet site with a short film showing the history of the place. Every person on the tour will receive a hard hat at this point.
- Le Coulat (for group only)
- Mines Aventure : Le Coulat route, followed by a meal (for group from 6 people)
- TrekkMines of Sainte Barbe : It takes place every year on the first Saturday in December (open to individual visitors as well as groups)

Practical information

- This tour is not recommended for people prone to discomfort or who have heart or joint problems, or for those who suffer from claustrophobia
- A hard hat is provided
- By reservation only

- Large free car park, also for coaches, near the departure point


Mines de Sel des Alpes
Route des Mines de Sel 55
CP 277
1880 Bex

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