The salt of well-being

At the Bex Salt Mines, "Sel des Alpes" is extracted from the rock. Its purifying, balancing and relaxing qualities make it an ideal ingredient for all types of body treatments.

Protected from all contamination for over two hundred million years deep in the Swiss Alps, Sel des Alpes possesses a rare level of purity. Extracted from this rock environment using modern techniques that respect age-old traditions, it preserves all its mineral wealth. Sel des Alpes forms pearl-like crystals, and is ideal for scrubs since it gently exfoliates and purifies. Its stimulating effect tones the epidermis.

Sel des Alpes also provides a feeling of well-being and relaxation. Bathing in genuine Sel des Alpes envelops the body in gentle warmth, and is ideal for complete relaxation of the body and mind. Sel des Alpes softens the skin, and has no astringent or drying effect.

Each ingredient contained in our formulas was carefully selected to guarantee the highest quality. We know exactly where our ingredients come from and we choose to work with local suppliers in order to ensure traceability.

Each of our products is developed, produced, packaged and stored on Swiss soil, thanks to the expertise and passion of qualified employees keen on offering products of the highest quality.

In order to guarantee the traceability as well as the quality of our packaging, we have chosen to develop business relationships with local suppliers. Saline de Bex packaging materials come from Switzerland first and foremost.


Mines de Sel des Alpes
Route des Mines de Sel 55
CP 277
1880 Bex

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