Creux de Champs

Close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by nature, at the foot of the magnificent Glacier 3000, with the magical atmosphere created by the noise of the waterfalls. Now open your eyes and head for Creux de Champs with its 28 waterfalls, in the heart of this stunning landscape.

The Creux de Champs cirque, with its 28 waterfalls, is the real land of the imps. At night during the full moon, they frolic on the edge of the precipices over the Pierredar plateau.

Knowing the hiding places of the Diable-rex (devil king), they pinch his golden nuggets and rubies to play hopscotch with their friends, the marmots and baby deer. So it's not surprising to find golden nuggets in the Grande Eau; these are the ill-gotten gains of these naughty nippers.