Alpine garden "Les Tussilages"

Medicinal plants, plants from our mountains and further afield, as well as superb natural rosebushes are all there for you to see in the alpine garden. Lose yourself among the delightful scents against the spectacular backdrop of Les Diablerets and the Glacier3000 mountains.

The Les Diablerets Gardens came into existence thanks to a large donation from the Swiss Lottery. At an altitude of 1,170 m by the protestant chapel in Les Diablerets, an area of approximately 2,500 m2 was provided by the district of Ormont-Dessus.
The gardens include a little farmhouse, paths, streams, little waterfalls, ponds and a fountain dispensing cool water from the glaciers.

Visitors will be able to identify the species seen here during their alpine adventures in the Vallée des Ormonts or find them while strolling in the garden afterwards. To help them, each plant is identified with its Latin name and common name. Plants from the furthest flung regions of the Alpine arc (Greece, Turkey and so on...) are also part of our collection which includes medicinal plants and natural rosebushes displaying their beautiful delicate flowers.

Plus, there are various activities on offer (registration required):
- Guided tour of the Alpine Garden
- Opening party
- Guided tour of the Garden followed by an aperitif
- Picking and cooking with wild plants
- Aromatherapy workshop, herbal tea workshop
- Tales in the Garden
- Annual race open to all

The team of volunteers who maintain and develop the Alpine Garden are on hand during the flowering season to answer visitors' questions at least once a week.

Practical information

The gardens are public and entrance is free.
All the information can be found on our leaflet at the Diablerets Tourist Office.


Association du Jardin alpin des Diablerets "Les Tussilages"
Chemin de la Torrey 6
1865 Les Diablerets

Tel : +41 79 954 40 24