Le Temple de Vers-L'Eglise

Legend has it that, when the inhabitants of the Valley des Ormonts were trying to decide where to build a church, they erected 3 wooden poles.

Mention of a church in Ormont-Dessus already appeared in 1396 in a will left by the widow of a lord of Pontverre. The church was dedicated to St. Théodule, the first Bishop of the Valais. The foundations of this first edifice show that it was built on a north-south axis and its main door was the one facing the fountain today.
The present church was probably built in 1456, blessed by the Bishop Henri Asperlin of Sion. In around 1530, during the Bernese Reformation, the Church became Protestant. The date 1709 on the arch over the choir stalls probably refers to renovation work carried out during the Bernese officialdom. Further restoration was undertaken in 1960.


Temple de Vers-l'Eglise
1864 Vers-L'Eglise