The Avançon Gorge

The Avançon de Nant has its source in the Vallon de Nant at the foot of the Les Martinets Glacier. The river descends towards Pont de Nant, passing Plans-sur-Bex and Frenières, where it meets the waters of the Ivouette. This hike takes you along the river and through its gorge.

In hot weather, the Avançon Gorge is a perfect place for hikes in the cool, fresh forest air. An easy walk takes you from Frenières above Bex through the spectacular Avançon Gorge to Pont de Nant. Crossing the suspension bridge over the gorge provides a real thrill. Enjoy the magnificent rock formations along the route, which takes about 1 hour and 55 minutes.

For families, there is an easier and shorter alternative starting at Plans-sur-Bex and ending in Pont de Nant. You can reach Pont de Nant in 45 minutes and then visit the “La Thomasia” botanical garden. More ambitious hikers can start near the Bévieux salt mines outside Bex and reach Pont de Nant in 3 hours and 10 minutes.

Practical information

Accessible by PostBus line Bex - Les Plans-sur-Bex, get off at Frenières.
Parking in the village of Frenières.


Les Gorges de l'Avançon
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