Castle of La Roche

The Château de la Roche is in the heart of the wine-producing village of Ollon, in the Chablais mountains at the foot of the Vaudois Alps. This 18th century fortified mansion, nestled in this picturesque village, has a long and exciting history.

The chateau has been undergoing restoration since 1989, with the creation of a wide range of areas for cultural or festive activities. It's open to the public for events, exhibitions, conferences and receptions. Group visits can be organised on request. The chateau is owned by the Fondation du Château de la Roche, a private public-interest foundation created in 1985. This venerable building, now saved from demolition, dates back to the Middle Ages.

The first known mention of it was in 1386, but tests carried out have dated the oldest joists of the foundations at around 1200. At this time, the territory of Ollon was split between the different jurisdictions of the Abbey of Saint-Maurice, the House of Savoy and the Bishopric of Sion.

Practical information

Guided visit can be organised upon request.


Château de la Roche

1867 Ollon