Botanical garden of Saint-Triphon

The Saint-Triphon Botanical Gardens are a delight for nature and plant lovers. Situated on Saint-Triphon hill at the foot of the Vaud Alps, surrounded by the neighbouring plains and vineyards of Ollon.

Nature enthusiast Mr Aviolat created this little piece of paradise on St-Triphon hill in 1972. It now has over 4,000 species of plants including 1,000 bulbs, ponds and beautiful borders with carnivorous, medicinal, Mediterranean and rockery plants, trees, shrubs and 60 species of orchids. You can also visit the greenhouse with its collection of cacti, lemon trees and an olive tree. The garden is open to the public every day. There are no specific visiting hours as Monsieur Aviolat is in the garden all the time and devotes most of his time to showing people around, so you can visit this little bit of paradise whenever you like. However, for group visits, it is recommended to telephone ahead.


Jardin botanique de Saint Triphon
Chemin du Lessus 40
Saint Triphon
1867 Ollon