Vita running track and exercise trail in Bex.

Burn off some energy on this bark running track and exercise trail in a delightful setting in the midst of the forest in the Vaud Alps. Then reward yourself after the effort with something delicious to eat in the picnic area with barbecue!

Majestic trees, birdsong, dapples of sunlight through the leaves; the surroundings of the Bex Exercise Trail create an inviting setting for physical exercise. This 2.5 km exercise trail, with a slightly undulating and pleasantly structured route, offers all the benefits of outdoor sport for all abilities. The Bex Forestry Department made a significant contribution to the installation of this trail and 600 m soft running track.

Superb picnic area with grill, tables and benches.


Parcours Vita de Bex
Route de Gryon
1880 Bex

Tel : +41 (0)24 463 30 80