Swiss Ski School Snow Village in Bretaye

The Swiss Ski School Snow Village in Bretaye in the Vaudois Alps is ready and waiting for your little skiers right near the train station.

In a safe area of around 200 m2, youngsters from the age of 3 can embark on their first skiing experiences. Swiss Ski School instructors can be booked for private lessons in the morning or afternoon every weekday, and group lessons from 10 to 12 a.m., Monday to Saturday.

Meanwhile, their parents can watch their little ones from the terrace of one of the three restaurants in Bretaye with a view over the Snow Village.

To help the kids learn in a fun and gentle way, the conveyor lift takes them to the top of a gentle slope and there’s a room in the reception chalet where they can take a break. To show off their progress to their admiring parents, there’s a competition every Thursday. No winners or losers: everyone gets a medal when they get to the finish line!


Ecole Suisse de Ski de Villars
Avenue Centrale 140
1884 Villars-sur-Ollon

Tel : +41 (0) 24 495 22 10