Gryon Protestant church

The commune of Gryon is part of the Protestant parish of the Avançons which includes Gryon, Bex and their hamlets

The tall spire of the church helps visitors quickly locate the centre of the village of Gryon. It would take too long to discuss the history of the church and its various restorations here, but suffice it to say that there is documented evidence of a chapel on the site since 1217.

The current church was erected following separation from the parish of Bex in 1540. A parchment exists commanding an assembly of the heads of the families “before the church” in 1572. Feel free to visit this delightful church, where you will find a panel detailing its history.

Admire the magnificent pine vault of the church, rebuilt in 1719 after a great fire, with the woodwork, gallery and pulpit being constructed by the master carpenter D.H. Dumayne. The warmth of the wood is further enhanced by the play of light through the fine windows designed by the celebrated Gryon painter Henri Schmiek.

Services are held on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month at 10h00. For many years now, Gryon church has held classical music concerts, organised by the ‘Association des Concerts Classiques de Gryon’. The quality of these renowned concerts is enhanced by the exceptional acoustics of the building


Secrétariat et bureau pastoral
1882 Gryon

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