Peaceful hill-top village

This unspoilt village built on a rock was previously known its black marble quarries. Nowadays, visitors tend to stroll around the botanical gardens or come to see the Mediaeval tower overlooking the huge rocky outcrop. Frozen in time, the little village of St-Triphon offers stunning views of the neighbouring vineyards and the Vaudois Alpsis.

Take a contemplative walk through its magical forests and enjoy the sunshine. Visit the St-Triphon Gardens, a real horticultural treasure trove in an idyllic setting, with rockery, medicinal, carnivorous and mediterranean plants as well as orchids, including over 4,000 species of plants in total, 3 beautiful ponds and a greenhouse. Saint-Triphon is also known for its archaeological site where the remains of different periods have been regularly restored since the 19th century.



1867 St-Triphon