Dar waterfall

For non-mountaineers or via ferrata enthusiasts, Dar waterfall is a fantastic place for hiking, in an unspoilt region far from civilisation.

For the less daring, the waterfall can be approached directly from Col du Pillon after a 15-minute walk along a pretty mountain path. But for those looking for a challenge and wanting to explore one of the most beautiful areas of this valley, the starting point is in Les Diablerets.

After leaving your vehicle in Meilleret's car park or taking the little mountain train, take the La Corbaz path (near the little Denner supermarket) and follow it to where it enters the forest. Starting with a slight incline following the Grande Eau, the path climbs into the forest in the direction of Col du Pillon. Passing through a superb forest and then alpine meadows, the path is easy-going to the foot of the waterfall.

The Dar waterfall is a popular place for adrenaline junkies. This is where you'll find the "waterfall" via ferrata on a little cliff on the right side of the Dar. This is a sport trail with a overhang, is graded "D" by the specialists. For pure mountaineering enthusiasts, the waterfall was climbed for the first time in 1975. It's 120 m high and has a 85° cliff at its steepest part. It can be climbed in the summer and winter (beware of avalanches!)


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