Vers l’Eglise, the main centre of Ormont-Dessus, is a quiet, unspoilt little village 3 km from Les Diablerets.

The little village of Vers l’Eglise is 3 km from Les Diablerets. The main village of the Ormont-Dessus district, its origins date back to the end of the 13th century.

Given the narrowness of the valley here, the village hasn't experienced the same growth as the neighbouring Les Diablerets, so it's remained unspoilt and rustic. The chapel, built in 1396, became a protestant temple in 1530. It has been regularly refurbished, the last time in 2014, with a shingled roof. Given its exceptional acoustics and magnificent setting, classical music concerts are regularly held here. The village also has an alpine museum, two restaurants, a Bed & Breakfast and a campsite. There's also a drag lift taking you up to the ski slopes.