La légende des Chavonnes

Have you ever heard about the dragon of Lake Les Chavonnes who gobbles up bandits and looters?

The legend of Les Chavonnes: In the 17th century, when the people of Valais were threatening an invasion, the shepherds of the high alpine meadows of Les Diablerets went to warn Lady Isabeau that they were about to be looted.

Lady Isabeau, daughter of Lord Pontverre, who dwelt in the chateau in the foothills of Pic Chaussy (2 walls still being visible today), decided to flee to avoid the looting, fire and other violations that were commonplace in this barbaric time. She took her prettiest dress, her jewellery box and fled through La Forclaz to take refuge in the forest of Les Chavonnes, on the shores of the lake where she remained. Lady Isabeau hid her jewellery box by throwing it into the middle of the lake.

Legend has it that, seeing with her beauty and kindness, the spirits of the forest adopted her and turned her into a fairy. Now a magical creature of the alpine meadows, she became immortal and still watches over her treasure and her friends the elves and other sprites. Her magic allowed her to create a white dragon, the monster of Lake Les Chavonnes, which gobbles up bandits and anyone who tries to steal her treasure.
You can see her on full moon nights and delight in her enchanting singing. Visitors can still see the diamonds shining at the bottom of the water in the light of the moon or the sun (it's actually rock encrusted with pyrite, a shiny mineral).

To prove the veracity of this story and thank the local shepherds for saving her from the barbarians of the time, Lady Isabeau always symbolically offers a square metre of alpine soil to young men coming of age in the municipality of Ormont-Dessus, which takes care of this practice to ensure its beautiful history endures.