The fairies of Bretaye

Where have all the little fairies of our land gone?

In the olden days, shepherds could see them dancing in the meadows of the Grand Chamossaire every evening or sometimes come upon them sleeping at the foot of a rhododendron. One day, a local shepherd got it into his head to marry one. After lots of searching, he found his fairy, gallantly wooed her and married her. This could have been the most wonderful love story if he hadn't started to beat her. He stopped her from going out, from dancing in the meadows in the evening and whenever she started to protest, he got out his stick. This angered the whole community and they took the young fairy away from the arms of her tyrant. All the fairies left the area to find a land where men were kinder. So, you can spend all the nights you want searching around all the rhododendrons in the area but sadly all the fairies have gone.