La légende de Plan Névé

How the green pastures of Plan Névé turned into a glacier...

In the current location of the Plan-Névé glacier, in other words north of the Grand Muveran, there used to be magnificent pastures. The mountain was so beautiful and so fertile, the prosperous cowmen played shuffleboard with rounds of goat's cheese and skittles with balls of butter as bowling balls. One evening, when a violent storm threatened, a poor-looking wrinkled woman appeared at the door of the Plan-Névé chalet. In a tone deserving compassion, she begged the cowmen to put her up for the night and give her "ona crota", in other words a crust of bread with a bit of butter. But although they had plenty, they told her they had nothing for her and she should just leave right away. The poor old woman, furious and upset, left the inhospitable chalet in silence. Then, some distance away, she turned round and, casting a terrible, prophetic stare at the meadows, she uttered this curse: Tf Balla pllanna: Plan-Névé: Jamé terreina te ne te reverré: (Beautiful plains of Plan-Névé, never will I see thee again). Immediately, a terrible storm of snow, hail and wind was unleashed upon this beautiful mountain and instantly covered it with a sheet of ice which kept getting thicker and thicker over many years. Nowadays, the glacier is shrinking, giving some credence to the idea that this area was once a meadow pasture. The arch of an old bridge, an iron chain used to tie up cattle, beams and large logs have been discovered over the years amongst the disintegrating rocks and ice, which proves that there used to be dwellings or forests in these alpine regions in times gone by.

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