Géotope du Chablais - Anzeinde

Anzeinde is located South of the Diablerets massif, between Villars, Gryon and Derborence, in the Alpes Vaudoises. Surrounded by mountains, Anzeinde is a wonderful place to hike, between cows in pasture. From the Pas de Cheville, you have a wonderful view over the 4000 M. summits.

The Anzeinde plateau is situated at an altitude of 1900 metres and covers about 1000 hectares of pastureland, making it the largest in the canton of Vaud. Anzeinde is a paradise for excursions, with easy walks through the pastures and hikes for experienced walkers. Climbers will be delighted by the numerous climbing routes on the Ecuelle site or the mythical Argentinian mirror, among others.

The Anzeinde plateau is a large protected area with a wealth of flora and fauna. You are likely to see chamois, marmots, ibex and a wide variety of birds, including the famous bearded vulture. You can also observe the alpine flora, which includes 55% of the flora of the Swiss Alps. Geology enthusiasts can admire the fossils of marine animals on the rocks, as well as the different colours on the walls of the Diablerets massif. These colours in layers are in fact a record of time in the landscape. These 1000 metre high layers represent 140 million years of sediment deposition in a marine basin.

Get your strength back in the refuges of La Tour and Giacomini, which welcome you with their local food in a most typical setting. You can also spend the night in one of the refuges to fully enjoy the place. You can reach Anzeinde from Solalex by a 1 hour walk. If you don't want to walk, you can use the huts and their 4x4 taxi service.


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