Climbing Anzeinde Cheval Blanc-Haute Corde

The Haute Corde and Cheval Blanc crags comprise mainly multi-pitch routes

The Cheval Blanc is a 100 metre face delimited by two couloirs. There are two 4-pitch routes to choose from. As for the Haute Corde it also comprises mainly multi-pitch routes but also has a few single pitch climbs.

These two sites can be reached from Anzeindaz via the Col des Essets. From here you follow the path which runs along the southeast of the Argentine and this will take you to the climbing areas. Allow two hours to walk there from Solalex. These areas can also be reached from the summit of the Argentine. The “Balade” route is ideal for introducing climbers to long routes, something which is not often found

Practical information

Orientation : southeast.
Difficulty : advanced and beginner.
Altitude : 1900 metres.
Rock type : limestone. Number of routes : 10


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