Abstraction - Exhibition at Château de la Roche from 17.06-3.07 2022

Visit the Château de la Roche in Ollon to discover the exhibition "Abstraction" by Marie-Laure Beun, Philippe Juilland and Mireille Rossier from 17 June to 3 July 2022.

Marie-Laure Beun opened her workshop "les papiers de Marie" in 2018, after a year of hard work during which she learned to draw and handle the cutter with increasing precision. Paper inspires her and takes her to different worlds. From the traditional to a poetic world, she works with black and white paper which she combines to give movement and shadow effects to her creations.

A self-taught photographer since his adolescence, Philippe Juilland is passionate about subjects such as fauna, flora and landscapes. Over the years, he has wanted to broaden the range of his shots, while keeping the beauty of nature as a backdrop. With this exhibition, he explores a new dimension by focusing on the details rather than the wide angles, thus leaving room for the imagination. Escape. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of the lens that transforms nature into abstract paintings. The hardness of the rock is transformed into graceful forms, the rivers with their impressive flow become a light, vaporous wave. Landscapes with shimmering colours cover the water with a colourful blanket.

A florist by trade, Mireille Rossier uses the plant world as a source of inspiration to bring lightness and life to her stoneware objects. Coming from an earthy background, she feels the need to anchor herself through the creativity offered by working with the raw material: clay. Thanks to a painter friend who encouraged her to use her sensitivity more intensely, she started sculpting. Her "ladies", as she calls them, express something more personal, more involving, a desire, a dream, a hidden part... a quest for freedom?

Practical information

- by train Aigle-Ollon-Monthey-Champéry, stop Ollon-gare,
- by bus TPC 115, 116, 119, 144, 145, stop Ollon-gare,
- by car with parking in the centre of the village, then 2 minutes on foot


Château de la Roche

1867 Ollon



Association du Château de la Roche
c/o Florence Bertholet
Chemin en Sendey 17
1867 Ollon

Tel : +41 21 624 38 71

Opening hours

From Jun 17, 2022 to Jul 3, 2022
18:00 - 20:00
Saturday - Sunday
11:00 - 18:00