Gryon-Barboleuse-Alpe des Chaux Bus

COVID-19: Wearing a mask is mandatory on all public transport.

Wearing a mask is mandatory on all public transport (bus, train, gondolas, chairlifts, ski lifts).

The Gryon tourist shuttle runs in summer and winter linking Gryon and Barboleuse to various destinations in the area.

This 13-seater tourist mini-bus runs:
- from June to end of August
- from December to Easter
It runs from Gryon to Barboleuse and Alpe des Chaux via Frience.

There’s a service to Taveyanne during June.

Practical information

Free bus in winter only.


Maison du Tourisme de Gryon
Place Barboleuse 11
1882 Gryon

Tel : +41 (0)24 498 00 00


From Dec 18, 2021 to Apr 18, 2022


Free Access Card

Zone 1 (Gryon-Barboleuse)
CHF 2.-
Zone 2 (Barboleuse-Télécabine-Alpe des Chaux)
CHF 3.-
Zone 2 (Barboleuse-Taveyanne-Les Chaux)
CHF 3.-
Zone 1+ 2
CHF 5.-
Child up to 9 years (born in 2011 or later)