VTT - La Boyarde

Bretaye - Panex - Ollon

This route offers stunning views Lake Geneva and takes you through Panex.At the end of the route, you’ll come to Ollon with its vineyards and village.

This is mostly a downhill route of moderate difficulty, alternating between forest tracks and alpine meadow roads on the first section.

Two fairly easy sections of flat paths (one between the Les Tailles quarry and Les Ecovets and the other between Panex and Ollon) offer an interesting diversity to the route.

Practical information

Signs: route number 572

A few pointers:
- Look after flora and fauna and take your rubbish with you
- Give way to hikers and treat them with respect
- Keep to the permitted tracks and control your speed at all times
- Respect private property, close gates to fields and do not ride across fields
- Wear a helmet


Mountain bike map (application/pdf)

Technical data

Start point
20 km
Positive altitude difference
322 Metres
Negative altitude difference
1659 Metres


From May 1, 2021 to Oct 31, 2021

Along your way

Bretaye Alpine pasture

Bretaye Alpine pasture


These alpine pastures stretch all around Bretaye, a delight for skiers during the winter. Farm visits and teas available.

The fairy grotto of Panex

The fairy grotto of Panex


A cave at the entrance to Panex, in the Prealps, called the Creux d'Enfer or Grotte aux Fées.

The Ollon wine-producing district

The Ollon wine-producing district

In its south-facing location at the foot of the Prealps, the hillside Ollon Vineyards benefit from a hot and dry climate, influenced by the foehn.

Artisans vignerons d'Ollon

Artisans vignerons d'Ollon


Members of Les Artisans Vignerons d'Ollon winemakers association open up their cellars for groups of over 10 people. Booking required.

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