Snowshoes - Cergnement - Solalex - Cergnement

A beautiful hike which begins in the course of the valley of Cergnement, then gone up along Avançon to join the tray of Solalex.

Cergnement - Solalex - Cergnement

Since the parking lot of Cergnement, go up in the pasture on the left, follow the valley of Cergnement in passing behind the refreshment room of Cergnement. Shortly after cliff, to take to the right, to cross the bridge, then rise to the left along the river. Cross the cross-country ski run then rise up to the tray of Solalex. At the exit of the forest, follow the clearing, then cross the small bridge. Continue 100m then join the track of hike pressed down on the right up to the hamlet of Solalex. Descent by the same way.

Practical information

Possible access with the shuttle bus Gryon - Barboleuse - Alpe des Chaux (Stop Cergnement, to follow the road in the direction of Solalex on 300m).
Free parking lot to Cergnement

A few safety requirements :
- Always check the weather forecast and snow conditions before leaving (no departure without visibility)
- Have with you a map or a plan of the route
- Respect the road marking and the bans
- Always visualize the following beacon since the place where you are
- Be wary of false tracks and do not hesitate to turn back in case of doubt
- Watch to carry of the adequate material(equipment), the drink and if possible a mobile phone
- You make a commitment on the plans of hikes, tracks of bottom or sled under your own responsibility
- We disclaim all liability in the event of an accident, of distraction or problem inherent to forces of Nature
- By respect for the fauna and the environment, please keep your dog on a leash and collect its dropping and do not leave waste in the nature


WInter nordic map (application/pdf)


Maison du Tourisme de Gryon
Place Barboleuse 11
1882 Gryon

Tel : +41 (0)24 498 00 00

Technical data

Start point
7 km
Positive altitude difference
205 Metres
Negative altitude difference
202 Metres

Along your way




Nestled in the middle of the Cergnement plateau between Gryon and Solalex, the Breton crêperie “Crêpecidre” is the ideal place to enjoy a moment of peace in the midst of nature.

Gryon-Barboleuse-Alpe des Chaux Bus

Gryon-Barboleuse-Alpe des Chaux Bus

The Gryon tourist shuttle runs in summer and winter linking Gryon and Barboleuse to various destinations in the area.

Refuge de Solalex

Refuge de Solalex


The Refuge of Solalex is located in the heart of a charming mountain pasture just a few miles from the villages of Gryon and Villars. It offers terroir dishes in a typical mountain setting with a cordial atmosphere and a fireplace.

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