Trekking - Villars vita parcours

With fantastic views over the lowlands and the wine-producing village of Ollon, the Fitness Trail has 15 stations in the Curnaux forest near Chesières, halfway between mountains and lowland.

The Villars Fitness Trail is ideal for people who want to keep fit or families looking for a bit of fun outdoors with their children.

Accessible all through the summer, the Fitness Trail comprises a 2 kilometre loop through the Curnaux forest near Chesières. Here, you can fill your lungs with fresh air and the scent of pines, while admiring the changing landscape of this resort. Take a moment to gaze at the mountains of the Vaudois Alps, like the Muverans or the Dents de Morcles, while enjoying the relaxing sound of water trickling in a stone fountain.

Technical data

Start point
2 km
No information
Positive altitude difference
147 Metres
Negative altitude difference
147 Metres

Along your way

Ecole Internationale Pré Fleuri

Ecole Internationale Pré Fleuri


The Pré Fleuri International School is situated in Chesières in a spacious chalet in 2 hectares of grounds. It welcomes boys and girls aged 3 to 13 from all over the world as boarders, day pupils, for the year or for camps.

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