Treasure hunt - Mini-games for little imps

Gare des Diablerets - Place de jeu - Parc des Sports - Maison de Commune - Office du Tourisme

A heads-up for little imps: there are mini-games waiting for you in Les Diablerets!

Starting from Les Diablerets railway station, head for the play area then the Parc des Sports. Then return to the centre of the village past the Maison de Commune before returning to the Tourist Office.

Practical information

A short walk of about one hour through the centre of the village of Les Diablerets for small children.

Fill in your game card while exploring the surroundings and gathering interesting information.

A few tips and requests:
- Respect flora and fauna and take your rubbish with you
- Respect private property
- The trail is not buggy-friendly
- Please tell us if you notice any damage to the stations


Mini-jeux diaboliques (application/pdf)
Answers (application/pdf)

Technical data

Start point
Les Diablerets
1.5 km
Positive altitude difference
18 Metres
Negative altitude difference
18 Metres

Along your way

Les Diablerets Tourist Office

Les Diablerets Tourist Office

Les Diablerets

The Diablerets Tourist office is there to welcome you and to provide you with information and assistance during your stay.

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