Trekking - The Diable trail

1 hour Trail : Col du Pillon - Lac Retaud - Isenau

3 hours Trail : Les Diablerets - Aigue Noire - Sentier du Dar - Col du Pillon - Lac Retaud - Isenau

A playful hike combining sport and fun.

Starting from Les Diablerets, walk along the river to Eurotel Victoria, then continue along the path towards Domaine des Sources. Next, keep going along the river and cross the Aigue Noire bridge. Follow the path through the forest. Cross the road and keep walking along the Dar trail towards Col du Pillon. When you get to Col du Pillon, follow the road to the small car park behind the cable car building then follow the path, slightly steep at first, through the forest towards Lake Retaud. Then continue along the path towards Isenau.
If you have a buggy, you can also take the road from Col du Pillon up to Lake Retaud then Isenau.

Practical information

With the help of a hiking map and information provided along the route, you can fill in your game card.

A few tips and requests:
- Option to start the walk at Col du Pillon (accessible by car or bus)
- The Col du Pillon - Isenau section is buggy-friendly.
- Respect flora and fauna and take your rubbish with you
- Respect private property and close gates behind you

From the Col du Pillon you can take the bus back.


The Diable trail - EN (application/pdf)
The Diable trail - FR (application/pdf)
Answers The Devil's Tour - EN (application/pdf)
Answers The Devil's Tour - FR (application/pdf)

Technical data

Start point
Les Diablerets
8 km
Positive altitude difference
691 Metres
Negative altitude difference
85 Metres


From May 1, 2021 to Nov 30, 2021

Along your way

Les Diablerets Tourist Office

Les Diablerets Tourist Office

Les Diablerets

The Diablerets Tourist office is there to welcome you and to provide you with information and assistance during your stay.

Lake Retaud

Lake Retaud

Les Diablerets

A little paradise in the Vaudois Alps: nestled in a basin on the south face of the Palette, Lake Retaud reflects the blue sky and dark pines in its crystal water.

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