Trekking - Didactic stroll from Col du Pillon to Isenau

Col du Pillon- Le Rard - Lac Retaud - Isenau

Discover our local flora and fauna along this fabulous trail through our mountain pasture villages.

This trail starts in Isenau, heads past the Resto d'Isenau and continues straight on towards Lake Retaud. When you get to the lake, the route continues along the Sentier du Rard ending at the Col du Pillon. There are 10 interactive stations about local flora and fauna along the way. This educational trail offers content available via QR-codes, with pictures, videos and additional texts.

Practical information

A few tips and requests:
- Respect flora and fauna and take your rubbish with you
- Respect private property, close gates behind you and do not ride through fields

Technical data

Start point
Les Diablerets
4.5 km
Positive altitude difference
313 Metres
Negative altitude difference
98 Metres

Along your way

Lake Retaud

Lake Retaud

Les Diablerets

A little paradise in the Vaudois Alps: nestled in a basin on the south face of the Palette, Lake Retaud reflects the blue sky and dark pines in its crystal water.

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