Visites - Zigzags on Chiètres hill


A 3-hour trail on the gentle slopes of the Chiètres hill area

Come and explore the Chiètres hill area, with its hidden undulations and shady marshland, chestnut tree and pine forests, vineyards and mansions set in large wooded grounds. From this promontory, the views take in the whole of the Rhône valley, from the bottleneck of St-Maurice to Lake Geneva. Due to its strategic position, Chiètres has been inhabited or visited by people from the Neolithic and Bronze Age, the noble officers of Valais, Russian princes, a famous painter, British tourists…. and migratory birds. In these timeless places, removed from the noise of contemporary civilisation, you’ll embark on a journey through the ages amidst the most beautiful scenery.


Office du Tourisme de Bex
Avenue de la Gare 68
1880 Bex

Tel : +41 24 463 30 80

Technical data

Start point
11.6 km
Positive altitude difference
524 Metres
Negative altitude difference
524 Metres

Along your way

Glacial Pothole of the Caillettes

Glacial Pothole of the Caillettes


The rock walls of the Saint-Maurice gorge have been hollowed out into some very unusual shapes. The Caillette's pothole, a large circular hole, is one of its most impressive examples.

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