Trekking - Pointe d'Arpille

Col de la Croix - Arpille - Pointe d'Arpille - Arpille - La Tailla - Col de la Croix

A moderately difficult route with different views of Les Diablerets, the mountains and the hills of Villars

From Col de la Croix, follow the road down to Villars for about 300 metres, then take the little road to Arpille. From here, follow the footpath that takes you to La pointe d'Arpille. Return along the same route to Arpille. Follow the path to La Tailla, then head back up to Col de la Croix.

At Col de la Croix, take the time to stop at the “Chez Francine” snack bar or make a short detour to the La Croix Mountain Chalet.
Here, you can sample local produce (cheese, serac, etc) and watch cheese being made every morning.

Practical information

Transport :
By car or bus to Col de la Croix (15 min from Les Diablerets).
On foot from Les Diablerets via Tréchadèze (2 hr 30).

A few tips and recommendations:
- Plan your walk (route, length, weather).
- Dress appropriately: sturdy footwear (climbing boots preferable), suitable clothing and wet weather gear
- Take sufficient food and drinks.
- First aid kit
- Be attentive to changes in weather
- Do not trample on grass or crops
- Close all gates behind you
- Put out fires, and do not make fires in the event of drought
- Take your rubbish with you
- If in doubt, turn back early

Document to download

Summer hiking map (application/pdf)

Technical data

7.2 km
Positive altitude difference
551 Metres
Negative altitude difference
550 Metres