Trekking - Dôme Hike

Scex-Rouge - Dôme - Scex-Rouge

Hiking in complete freedom, easy Alpine route

The ingredients for an extraordinary experience at the summit are quite simple: a wide and pleasant trail, surrounded by stones and rocks, pure fresh air to breathe and a breath-taking view. The Dome Hike is a magnificent walk that starts from the station of Scex Rouge at the summit to the Dome located at 3,016 meters above sea level. Once you reach the summit, you will probably be blown away - not literally but by the breath-taking view of the glacier, the valleys below and the summit of Les Diablerets - a just reward for all your efforts!

Practical information

By the post bus from the station at Les Diablerets to the Col du Pillon then the Glacier 3000 cable car (Col du Pillon - Scex-Rouge).
Access to Scex-Rouge is also possible on foot from the Col du Pillon (about 4h30)
Free parking at the Col du Pillon.

Marking: follow the official marking of the hiking trails

A few tips:
- Plan your hike (route, duration, weather).
- Have the right equipment; sturdy footwear (preferably boots), suitable clothing and protection against the elements
- Take sufficient food and drink.
- Provide a pocket first-aid kit
- Be attentive to changes in the weather
- Do not tread on the grass and crops
- Close all the pasture gates
- Put out fires and do not light fires in case of drought
- Take your waste away with you
- When in doubt, turn round in time


Summer hiking map (application/pdf)


Office du Tourisme des Diablerets
Chemin du Collège 2
1865 Les Diablerets

Tel : +41 (0)24 492 00 10

Technical data

Start point
Les Diablerets
2 km
Positive altitude difference
189 Metres
Negative altitude difference
124 Metres

Along your way

Glacier 3000

Glacier 3000

Les Diablerets

Glacier 3000, located at the highest point of the Vaudois Alps, is open all year round for winter activities for all! With its stunning views and wide range of activities on offer – including the Peak Walk, a unique suspension bridge linking two mountain peaks – Glacier 3000 is a must for your holidays in Switzerland !

Peak Walk by Tissot - Glacier 3000

Peak Walk by Tissot - Glacier 3000

Les Diablerets

Being suspended over a precipice at an altitude of 3,000 m is a unique experience offered by the Peak Walk by Tissot on the Glacier 3000. Overlooking the glacier of Les Diablerets and revealing a panoramic view of the highest mountains, the Peak Walk is the world’s only suspension bridge connecting two summits.

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