Trekking - Gypsum trail

Bex - Le Montet

This trail provides insights into the subterranean geology as well as its links to man and the landscape.

This educational trail between Bex and the Montet hill invites you to embark on a fascinating journey into the geology and its links to man and the landscape.

A first panel associated with the chestnut grove was placed on top of the Chiètres hill in February 2019. Since June 2019, a second information panel complete this path on the themes of gypsum, soil and vineyards. It will provide information, anecdotes and recipes and help you understand the history of the surrounding landscape. The completed path featuring four panels will be inaugurated in 2020.


Office du Tourisme de Bex
Avenue de la Gare 68
1880 Bex

Tel : +41 24 463 30 80

Technical data

Start point
1.5 km
45 min.
Positive altitude difference
215 Metres
Negative altitude difference
6 Metres

Along your way

Bex Tourist Office

Bex Tourist Office


The tourist office of Bex provides you with all the details you need to have a pleasant stay in our region.

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