Trekking - From Les Mazots to Les Diablerets via Vers-l'Eglise

Les Mazots - La Bierla - Vers l'Eglise - Les Diablerets

Easy route

From Les Mazots you take the path beneath the hamlet which runs near the cable car until you get to a forest path further down. You continue on this to La Bierla and on to Vers-l'Eglise. Return to Les Diablerets on the Route des Côtes.
This route can also be walked in the reverse direction.

Mountain restaurant Les Mazots
Near Les Mazots: Alpine cabin at the Col de la Croix, gypsum pyramids
In Vers-l'Eglise: Ormonts museum, church of Vers-l'Eglise with a beautiful cobblestone yard

Practical information

You can access to Les Mazot by car, bus or with the "Diablerets Express" cable car to Les Mazots.
Be sure to inquire about the timetable.

Follow the official footpath signs

A few tips and recommendations:
- Plan your walk (route, length, weather).
- Dress appropriately: sturdy footwear (climbing boots preferable), suitable clothing and wet weather gear
- Take sufficient food and drinks.
- First aid kit
- Be attentive to changes in weather
- Do not trample on grass or crops
- Close all gates behind you
- Put out fires, and do not make fires in the event of drought
- Take your rubbish with you
- If in doubt, turn back early


Summer hiking map (application/pdf)


Office du Tourisme des Diablerets
Chemin du Collège 2
1865 Les Diablerets

Tel : +41 (0)24 492 00 10

Technical data

Start point
Les Diablerets
8 km
Positive altitude difference
127 Metres
Negative altitude difference
687 Metres

Along your way

Restaurant Les Mazots

Restaurant Les Mazots

Les Diablerets

Open in winter and summer, Les Mazots offers typical terroir dishes and children's menus. Located in the great outdoors near Meilleret, it offers a stunning view of the Vaudois Alps from its sunny terrace next to the ski slopes.

Diablerets Express

Diablerets Express

Les Diablerets

Soar to the top of the mountain on the Diablerets Express! Enjoy stunning views of the forest below you and watch the tobogganists and skiers in winter. The gondola takes you up to the sector of Le Meilleret, which is part of the Villars-Gryon-Les Diablerets ski area.

Ormont Museum

Ormont Museum


Running from Les Diablerets to Aigle in the Vaudois Alps, the Vallée des Ormonts is a region full of traditions and with a rich heritage. To preserve and share these traditions, the Musée des Ormonts in Vers-l’Eglise, near Les Diablerets, organises temporary exhibitions, open from Wednesday to Sunday.

Le Temple de Vers-L'Eglise

Le Temple de Vers-L'Eglise


Legend has it that, when the inhabitants of the Valley des Ormonts were trying to decide where to build a church, they erected 3 wooden poles.

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