Rando poussette - Villars – Barboleuse via the route – Gryon – Les Posses-sur-Bex

Villars – Barboleuse – Gryon – Les Posses-sur-Bex

Follow the cantonal road towards Barboleuse via the bridge at Gryon and enjoy the mountain panorama to your right.
The walk to the tourist office in Gryon (Maison du Tourisme) covers around 2.9 km and takes 40 minutes, with an altitude difference of +7m / -50m.
You can venture to Gryon Park 100 m away and take advantage of the picnic tables and play area.
If you would like to continue your walk, proceed to the tennis courts at Gryon ,then go down via the Route de Rabou on your left (brake recommended for pushchairs) to reach the centre of Gryon village.
Upon arrival, you will see the “Centre Gryonnais” on your left. This has a picnic area as well as a play park below.
Two options are then available: return to Villars from Gryon station 500 m away or continue on your walk:
You can go on towards Les Posses-sur-Bex by taking the old trail which runs in front of the temple of Gryon (brake recommended on pushchair). Arriving at Les Posses, you can catch the train back up to Villars after finishing your walk.


Office du Tourisme de Villars
Avenue Centrale 140
CP 100
1884 Villars-sur-Ollon

Tel : +41 24 495 32 32

Technical data

6 km
Positive altitude difference
0 Metres
Negative altitude difference
0 Metres

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