Rando poussette - Les Chaux-Taveyanne-Barboleuse

Les Chaux-Taveyanne-Barboleuse

From the cable car at Barboleuse, go up to Les Chaux and follow the path towards the picturesque hamlet of Taveyanne.
This is a charming village consisting of around thirty chalets, a stable and a restaurant. The access is a gravel path, so you will need to have a pushchair with large wheels and ideally a good suspension to prevent your child being bumped about.
Arriving in Taveyanne, you can continue on the drivable road towards Gryon via the Route de Sodoleuvre.

Practical information

You pass through Canadian passages (clédars) on this route.


Office du Tourisme de Villars
Avenue Centrale 140
CP 100
1884 Villars-sur-Ollon

Tel : +41 24 495 32 32

Technical data

10.5 km
Positive altitude difference
12 Metres
Negative altitude difference
568 Metres

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