VTT - Isenau Bike

Les Diablerets - Isenau - La Marnèche - Lac Retaud - Col du Pillon - Les Diablerets

Varied itinerary in woods, pastures and on winding roads, ideal to discover the Les Diablerets land-scapes.

Starting out from Diablerets, bikers are confronted with an 8 km ascent. Don't lose heart because all along the way you will behold unusual sights. At a first brief stop towards le Torrent, you will cross fans of canyoning or tree adventure courses. On continuing towards Marnex, raise your head because you may see a few paragliders taking off, or maybe you will be tempted to taste some local cheese.

On continuing on the road that is suitable for vehicles in the direction of Ayerne, you will cross a small hamlet consisting of charming old chalets. You will cross vast green spaces that may let you think you of the ski fields in winter. Isenau marks the end of the ascent. Now you can enjoy whizzing down!

The descending itinerary takes place on a road suitable for vehicles and on a forest path requiring more skill. Mountain bikers who do not appreciate technical descents may take the tarred road to Les Diablerets instead. A stop at Lake Retaud is a must. It offers an unrestricted view of the Diablerets massif. Further down after Col du Pillon, admire the Cascade du Dar on your left. On a closer look, you will probably spot a few mountaineers climbing the rocks.

Practical information

Signs: Isenau Bike number 590 (Swiss Mobile)

A few pointers:
- Look after flora and fauna and take your rubbish with you
- Give way to hikers and treat them with respect
- Keep to the permitted tracks and control your speed at all times
- Respect private property, close gates to fields and do not ride across fields
- Wear a helmet

Document to download

Mountain bike trails (application/pdf)

Technical data

Start point
Les Diablerets
17 km
Positive altitude difference
804 Metres
Negative altitude difference
803 Metres

Along your way

Les Diablerets Tourist Office

Les Diablerets Tourist Office

Les Diablerets

The Diablerets Tourist office welcomes you and to provides information and assistance during your stay.