VTT - Le Meilleret Tour (D)

Les Diablerets - La Tailla - La Bierle - Vers-L’Eglise - Les Diablerets

Starting from the Tourist Office, cross through the village to the Sports Park, follow “La Grande Eau” river then start the climb to Le Léderrey, then through the forest Bois de l'Essert. The forest track climbs through the woods to the bottom of the Culan, then continues through La Moille Ronde and out onto the Col de la Croix road.
Head down the Col de la Croix road (towards Les Diablerets), then on the second bend, you leave the tarmac road and take the right fork through the mountain pastures of Les Mazots. Continue in the direction of La Bierla and enjoy the stunning views of the Chaîne du Chaussy! Keep going to Le Lavanchy Poy, then head down to Le Tomeley. Here, you take the right fork back through woods and forests to Les Diablerets, via Brison and Vers-l'Eglise.

Practical information

A few pointers:
- Look after flora and fauna and take your rubbish with you
- Give way to hikers and treat them with respect
- Keep to the permitted tracks and control your speed at all times
- Respect private property, close gates to fields and do not ride across fields
- Wear a helmet

Technical data

Start point
Les Diablerets
19 km
Positive altitude difference
890 Metres
Negative altitude difference
890 Metres


From May 1, 2021 to Nov 15, 2021

Along your way

Les Diablerets Tourist Office

Les Diablerets Tourist Office

Les Diablerets

The Diablerets Tourist office is there to welcome you and to provide you with information and assistance during your stay.

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