Trekking - Le Tour des Muverans

The Les Muverans Tour is a mountain adventure over several days taking you from mountain refuge to mountain refuge

The route isn’t technically difficult and can be completed throughout the summer. Plan on 5 to 6 hours of walking a day. Six passes along the way offer spectacular views of the Pennine Alps, Mont Blanc, the Dents du Midi and the Vaud pre-alps. The route runs through the cantons of Valais and Vaud.

Practical information

A few pointers:
- Stay on the marked paths
- Make sure you know your route and the weather conditions
- Respect flora and fauna
- Take your rubbish home with you
- Respect private property
- Close all gates behind you

Details on stages, routes and hiking times can be found on the Tour des Muverans website.


Office du Tourisme d'Ovronnaz
Route des Muverans 38
1911 Ovronnaz

Tel : +41 27 306 42 93

Technical data

Start point
57.11 km
Positive altitude difference
4337 Metres
Negative altitude difference
4334 Metres


From Jul 15, 2020 to Sep 15, 2020

Along your way

History of the landscape of Vallon de Nant

History of the landscape of Vallon de Nant


In the beginning, there was a glacier. High up in the valley of Nant, there is a glacier coming down to under 2300 m: how did it manage to survive at an altitude from which all its ice cousins retracted?

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