Via ferrata - Cascade du Dar Via Ferrata

The route via the Dar waterfall is one of the most physically demanding via ferrata of the Vaudois Alps. Good climbers ask for nothing better than to take up this challenge and admire the Diablerets massif from a unique vantage point: at the foot of the glacier and very close to the waterfall.

Surrounded by water and the verdant landscapes of the Diablerets massif, this demanding via ferrata is well worth the effort!

To take advantage of the magnificent Alpine setting of the Cascade du Dar Via Ferrata, climbers need to be able to keep their cool, have strong arms and be agile! Climbers access the beginning of the via with a 10-minute walk from Col du Pillon. The very physical beginning of the via requires strong arms, but it can be avoided by taking another route, which has been built specially to bypass this difficult passage.

The second part, which is more technical and up in the air, presents more direct contact with the rocks and then leads to the impressive view of the waterfall. The effort turns into contemplation to enjoy this unique vantage point to the full! To complete this vertiginous via, the fittest use a zip line (pulley not provided, to be rented in a sports shop. Gloves recommended to slow down the descent). A thrilling final for a memorable via ferrata!

Practical information

By car: via route du Pillon, Col de Pillon parking
By train: Aigle – Les Diablerets (TPC), then by bus up to Col du Pillon
Approach: 20 minutes’ walk from Col du Pillon (Les Diablerets)

Equipment rental possible at Holiday Sport and Jacky Sports

Level of difficulty: extremely difficult, slippery, not ideal for short people / rated K5- (Hüsler grading), see attached document


Safety / Advices / Gradings (application/pdf)
Via Ferrata Diablerets (application/pdf)

Technical data

Start point
Les Diablerets
1.2 km
Positive altitude difference
185 Metres
Negative altitude difference
256 Metres

Along your way

Les Diablerets Tourist Office

Les Diablerets Tourist Office

Les Diablerets

The Diablerets Tourist office is there to welcome you and to provide you with information and assistance during your stay.

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