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Salin - le Bévieux

Take a journey through the history of salt between Salin and Bévieux!

Starting from Salin, head for Panex and the Bévieux Salt Works near Bex several kilometres away. The whole route takes you on a journey through the history of salt, with information boards (also aimed at younger audiences) dotted along the way, from the plain to the mid-slopes, through vineyards and forests. Salt had a key role in the society of the past and this trail tells you all about the challenges of working the salt mines to extract this white gold from a sea evaporated millions of years ago

Practical information

A few pointers:
- Stay on the marked paths
- Make sure you know your route and the weather conditions
- Respect flora and fauna
- Take your rubbish home with you
- Respect private property
- Close all gates behind you
- Keep dogs on leads


Association Cum Grano Salis
Avenue de la Gare 18
1880 Bex

Tel : +41 24 463 44 26

Technical data

Start point
12.5 km
Positive altitude difference
556 Metres
Negative altitude difference
879 Metres

Along your way

Picnic place - Salin

Picnic place - Salin


A picnic area in the middle of the countryside at the start of the Salt Trail.

The fairy grotto of Panex

The fairy grotto of Panex


A cave at the entrance to Panex, in the Prealps, called the Creux d'Enfer or Grotte aux Fées.

Alp Salt Mines

Alp Salt Mines


Located at the foot of the Vaudois Alps, the Bex salt mines receive many visitors each year seeking a unique Swiss experience, ideal for families.