Trekking - Along the water

Lac Retaud - Col du Pillon - Cascade du Dar - Les Diablerets

An easy route for the whole family

You start out at the Retaud lake and follow the footpath or the narrow paved road to the Col du Pillon. There you continue on the road in the direction of Les Diablerets for another 200 metres and then turn left onto the hiking trail which takes you close to the Dar waterfall. Follow this path along the stream back to the village.

If the weather is nice, you can swim in the Retaud lake or enjoy a picnic in its peaceful surroundings.
Underneath the Dar waterfall, you can bathe your feet in the small rivulets, a pleasantly refreshing experience.
Restaurants are available at the Retaud lake and on the Col du Pillon.

This route can also be walked in the reverse direction (Diablerets - Dar - Pillon - Retaud).

Practical information

The postbus runs from the train station of Les Diablerets to the Col du Pillon, then you can take the Diablo bus from the Col du Pillon to the Retaud lake (minibus with 26 seats, during the period of the Free Access Card).

Free parking at Lake Retaud.

Follow the official footpath signs

A few tips and recommendations:
- Plan your walk (route, length, weather).
- Dress appropriately: sturdy footwear (climbing boots preferable), suitable clothing and wet weather gear
- Take sufficient food and drinks.
- First aid kit
- Be attentive to changes in weather
- Do not trample on grass or crops
- Close all gates behind you
- Put out fires, and do not make fires in the event of drought
- Take your rubbish with you
- If in doubt, turn back early

Useful numbers: Weather forecast 162 - Police 117 - Ambulance 144 - REGA 1414


Summer hiking map (application/pdf)


Office du Tourisme des Diablerets
Chemin du Collège 2
1865 Les Diablerets

Tel : +41 (0)24 492 00 10

Technical data

Start point
Les Diablerets
7.88 km
Positive altitude difference
53 Metres
Negative altitude difference
578 Metres

Along your way

Lake Retaud

Lake Retaud

Les Diablerets

A little paradise in the Vaudois Alps: nestled in a basin on the south face of the Palette, Lake Retaud reflects the blue sky and dark pines in its crystal water.

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